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Have you ever wondered what to do with that sentimental piece of jewelry? Maybe you are holding onto old family jewelry and just don’t know what to do with it. The pieces of jewelry you are holding onto might seem out of style to you but they are not. What I mean is look at what is in that piece.


That sentimental piece might not be your style but you can change that. You can create a new piece using items from that sentimental piece. If you are worried about taking the old jewelry apart because you want to remember the original piece, you can always take a picture of it. Taking the old, out of style family jewelry apart, you are now able to create a new piece that you will love.

What a great way to keep family memories going. Now you might be thinking of how to start going through items and creating new ones. Businesses like Star Lotus Creations can help with this. We can go over what you are thinking and eliminate what you are not thinking. We can work with you to create a custom piece that will touch your heart and fill your jewelry style needs.

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