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Turquoise stone is truly ancient. Before it was used in jewelry it was used to decorate or embellish burial sites. Turquoise has been found in Egypt, Australia, Chile, China, England,France, Germany, Iran, Mexico, Russia, Tibet, Turkmenistan and the USA.

Believers in natural health and spiritual remedies will wear Turquoise to protect themselves from the power of darkness and other health issues. Since Turquoise is such a bright and cheerful color it is believed to help with a person’s confidence, which in return will help with fighting off depression.

Turquoise jewelry is a great gift to give and an even better one to receive. People are known to have that person they call a special friend. If you want to show someone how special your friendship is, than Turquoise is the way to go. Turquoise is the stone of friendship.

If you are in a relationship, Turquoise can have meaning too. Turquoise, if given or received from a partner is said to show faithfulness. From faithfulness in a relationship comes constancy in a relationship.

Now when buying Turquoise jewelry and wearing it, make sure you know how to take care of it. This is with any stone and organic material. There are many articles online that will explain how to take care of stones and organic materials. This will let you have your favorite pieces for years and still looking great.

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