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When you look at a piece of art do you wonder where the artist found their inspiration? As I have traveled and looked at different art forms and mediums, I have wondered this. Sometimes you think you have found what their inspiration was and other times you wonder what they could have found to inspire them to create a piece.

Inspiration comes in many forms. Inspiration can be nature, environment, emotions, technology etc. For each artist their inspiration will be different and this will shape their work. Where do artist find their inspiration? Nature is a common answer to this question. Nature is always changing so as an artist you can always find something new to inspire you. It could be the way a plant grows and dies. It can be how different animals react to one another. It can just be the cool looking rock you found while walking on the beach. Nature is an amazing piece to art and art forms.

Another inspiration can be spiritual and emotions. Some artists find that their spiritual beliefs help guide them when working on a piece of art. Sometimes in pieces of art you can see spiritual references. Emotions are another inspiration. What does the artist feel while creating? I know as I paint, my emotions are expressed in my color choice and brush stroke. Light, bright pieces of work make people feel happy and upbeat. Dark cold pieces can make people feel sad and alone. When looking at a piece of art, try and see what would be your inspiration.

There is no wrong answer to the question. These examples were just a little of what can inspire an artist and a piece of art. Inspiration for each artist will be different.

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