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Artists start to create for themselves but later hope to share their passion with others. There is this amazing joy and excitement that happens when a piece is created. The artist has been pondering over their idea and now the piece has come to life. Once the piece is finished and given life, they are eager to share with others.

Not every piece of work an artist completes is going to get great reviews. However remember each piece comes from the heart and soul. Art pieces are like children to an artist. They gave birth to them, fed them and raised them; once the artist is done with a piece it is time for it to join the real world.

Knowing the story behind an artist and their creation allows you as a buyer to connect with the pieces they create. Many people buy artwork from artists they respect and admire. This allows the passion to continue. Next time you see an artist think what was in their head, think what is was in their heart. Talk to the artist and get to know what and how they felt when creating a particular piece. Visualize what the artist saw and felt during the creation of a particular piece you enjoy.


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