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Over a year ago I heard of the Santa Clarita Artists’ Association which is located where I live. I thought about joining this group but questioned what I would get out of it. Would I really take the time to go to the meetings? At the end of 2013 I started to reflect back on the year and think about things I wanted to do differently in 2014. I decided to join the local artist association since what could it hurt being involved?

I attended their meetings, which are held once a month and found that I enjoyed them. I liked hearing other artist speak about the good times and bad times. As an artist you are your biggest critic, as an artist there are the times you get frustrated with pieces and put them aside until a later date, however I kept telling myself that it was only me that did this. But joining this group has been up lifting experience.

The first show for the Santa Clarita Artists’ Association Gallery was themed after a cowboy festival that will be going on in April. I decided I would enter the max art pieces I could just to see what would happen. I was notified that three of my pieces would be in the show. The show started March 7, 2014 and will run till April 27, 2014. This allows me to showcase pieces and yet be free to create more.

If you want to buy local art in your community you should research and see if there is an artist association in your community. You can also contact the city and see if they have any art programs that may connect you to artist. This is a great way to purchase local art and get to know the artist in your area.

Freedom Horse By Stevie Chun Walking Western By Stevie Chun

Desert Sunset By Stevie Chun

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